Starting today, Friday 12/29/17, ALL SERVICE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED DUE TO ICE CONDITIONS. Please monitor our website for any service updates. We hope to continue our scheduled service as soon as conditions permit. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Sayville Ferry Service

Passenger Freight Policy

Freight Policy

Prior to the Summer of 2017, it is imperative that everyone please take the time to review our standard Freight Policy.  Our freight policy is designed around and must follow all United States Coast Guard regulations as well as our continuous devotion towards your safety. It is your responsibility to comply with our policy – customers who do not comply will be asked to disembark the vessel by the crew.   

Sayville Ferry Service discourages all plastic grocery bags. In the foreseeable future, it will be our intention to no longer allow them on the ferry. We whole heartedly encourage the use of canvas bags. These bags are stronger, carry more and help prevent the possibility of mixing/losing one's items.

Wagons and carts will be charged a minimum as well as a surcharge depending on the contents. Wagons are becoming a bigger issue due to their size. They occupy more room that may be needed for other freight and most importantly block aisles designed strictly for public access. Very large garden carts (32"x48") and yard carts (24"x45") will be prohibited entirely. Basically, any wagon whose wheels are 10" or greater will be denied.

The Exception to Every Rule - Sayville Ferry recognizes the need for contractors and vendors to travel to our communities. We are aware of their importance and the valuable services they provide. The first boat (known as the "contractors boat") will allow a small exception to the freight rules. No other scheduled trip will allow this exception. We also understand what goes over must come back. The return ferry that will accommodate this group will be the mid-afternoon ferry. In conclusion, the 6:45/7:00am ferry to the beach and the 3:40/4:00pm ferry from the beach will be more flexible to accommodate these specific customers.

Passenger Standard Freight - Transporting passenger standard freight will be our top priority. Sayville Ferry will make every attempt to load and deliver everyone's personal luggage. As with all other forms of transportation there are limits. These limits are clearly described and listed in the "Freight Policy". Passengers with extra freight must arrive ½ hour before ferry is scheduled to depart. This will help assure your standard freight items of being loaded in a timely and properly fashion. Freight arriving at loading time will NOT be guaranteed access. For your convenience, please label your luggage to prevent loss or confusion with others similar cargo.

Parcel Packages - Parcel packages have become a very intricate part of Sayville Ferry. The volume, size and weights of these packages we now handle has led to the creation of a full-time position during the summer season. The demands of accepting, storing and tracking this freight has recently become very challenging. This has caused Sayville Ferry to implement new regulations pertaining to all parcels.

  1. We will no longer accept packages over 50 pounds.
  2. Customers must call at least twenty (20) minutes prior to ferry departure to schedule that parcel for delivery. Last minute requests will no longer be entertained.
  3. Our parcel room is not meant nor designed for long term storage. You are responsible to make arrangements for your package to be picked up as soon as possible. Any item left for a period of 21 days will either be sent back or charged a short-term storage fee.