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Freight Policy

Freight Policy & Rate Structure

Sayville Ferry Service strives to provide the highest level of service for all of its customers with safety being of the upmost important. With this in mind, each customer will be permitted to carry the following items on board the ferry - free of charge:

Two [2] pieces of luggage

[not to exceed 25 lbs. each]

- or -

One [1] large suitcase

or carry-on cooler

Additional freight will be charged, and only permitted onboard passenger vessels if space and time allows.

Maximum weight for any item: 50 lbs.

Maximum weight for carts 80 lbs.

Maximum weight for wagons: 125 lbs.

Additional Information

Passenger Safety:

Sayville Ferry’s utmost responsibility is to provide a safe environment for all passengers and crew. Our freight policy is designed to comply first and foremost with the United States Coast Guard rules and regulations. This would include that all luggage is subject to inspection. Passenger freight is carried on our vessels at our discretion. We must give top priority to the issues of safety for all passengers and crew. Customers are responsible for following our policy.  Those who do not adhere to the policy will be unable to take freight and shall disembark the vessel. 

Daily Passenger Boats:

All passengers will be allowed to personally carry only two [2] pieces of hand luggage. These items will not exceed 25 pounds each. For safety concerns and regulatory compliance, the size and number of pieces taken may be limited. Customers will be allowed up to five [5] items of additional freight at an additional charge. All freight must be checked in and loaded on the boat 20 minutes before departure. 

Note: any items that are presented after this period of loading may not be guaranteed access due to the availability of time and space. However, they will be given priority loading on the next scheduled ferry. Also, please label your luggage to prevent loss or confusion with other similar cargo. Your items will be loaded together but will not disembark together.    


Paper or Plastic Grocery Bags:

Sayville Ferry Service will no longer allow plastic/paper grocery bags on board the ferries. We suggest the use of boxes or canvas bags which are stronger, carry more and help prevent the possibility of mixing/losing one’s items. 


Wagons and Carts:

Wagons and carts will be charged to a base minimum. However, a surcharge will be applied depending on their weight.


All wagons and carts will no longer be permitted to pass through the ticket booths. If your wagon or cart is not loaded through the freight gate via a ferry employee prior to boarding they will be charged the standard rate plus a $30.00 surcharge. Unfortunately, wagons have become an operational concern because of their size and the room they occupy onboard the ferry. 

Note: Garden carts (32”x48”) and yard carts (24”x45”) or larger as well as wagons that are both extended and/or a double decker will be prohibited entirely. 

Prohibited Items:

The following items, but not limited to, are prohibited on the Passenger Ferry:

  • Extended and double decker wagons

  • Large plastic and metal garden wagons

  • Bungee cords and miscellaneous tools

  • Flowers, plants, shrubs and all landscaping materials

  • Compressed gas and flammable liquids

  • Lithium battery operated devices and equipment

  • Bicycles and scooters (with or without batteries)

  • Building materials of any type

  • Furniture and Appliances

  • Barbecues and propane

  • Surfboards etc.

The Exception to Every Rule:

Sayville Ferry recognizes the need for contractors and vendors to travel to and from our communities. We are aware of their importance and the valuable services they provide. The first boat (known as the “contractors/workers boat”) will allow a small exception to the freight rules. No other scheduled trip to the beach will allow this exception. We also understand what goes over must come back. The 6:45/7:00 am ferry to the beach and the 3:40/4:00 pm ferry from the beach will be more flexible to accommodate these specific customers.


Sayville Ferry will not be responsible for broken luggage, wagons, and carts.

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