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Parcel Room

Parcel Room Policy

Sayville Ferry Service accepts parcels from all delivery services. The following procedures must be adhered to:

  1. Sayville Ferry will not accept packages weighing over 50 lbs.

  2. Customers must call at least 30 minutes prior to the ferry departure time to schedule delivery.

  3. Customers are encouraged to have a credit card on file or exact change if paying with cash. Crews do not carry cash and will not be responsible for providing change. PLEASE NOTE: all credit card purchases will be levied a fee of 3.5%

  4. Parcels not picked up will be charged a return fee in the amount no greater than the original shipping fee.

  5. Due to limited space in the parcel room, long-term storage is not available. Packages must be picked up within 14 days. Packages not picked up in 14 days will be charged a storage fee. Packages not picked up in 30 days will be returned to the shipper.

  6. Due to the high volume of packages delivered at one time, please allow up to three [3] hours after you receive notification that your package has been delivered to call for delivery. This will give ample opportunity for our employees to check-in your item for delivery.

  7. When shipping via UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime or any other shipping service, please label your packages by name, beach destination and address as follows:

John Doe –  Pines 

41 River Road

Sayville, NY 11782

Jane Smith – Grove

41 River Road

Sayville, NY 11782

Parcel Room Rates

Parcel Boat Information

The package/parcel boat will operate on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to the Fire Island Pines. Cherry Grove will have a boat on Friday. Grocery deliveries will only be accepted on these days between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and will be transported the same day. Groceries must be packaged in boxes. Groceries packed in paper or plastic bags will not be accepted. All freight deliveries must be clearly marked with your name and the beach that it’s going to. Sayville Ferry is not responsible AND will deny unlabeled items. Please remember that we operate in a marine environment that is beyond our control. All freight is subject to weather conditions, and we will do our best to protect it. 


Packages may be transported on all other days of the week except Monday thru Friday on the 3:30 pm ferry. Medication delivered by a pharmacy can be delivered on any boat. 


The package/parcel boat will depart Sayville on Wednesday thru Friday at 3:45 pm and arrive at the Fire Island Pines approximately 4:00 pm. On Friday ONLY, the boat will depart the Fire Island Pines and arrive at Cherry Grove approximately 5:15 pm and depart the Grove at 5:30 pm. Freight not picked up will be charged a return fee, amount no greater than the original shipping fee.

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